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Cops raid Nicosia pubs and restaurants

Five detained for unauthorised work, one arrested for visa violations in large scale operation in the capital


Law enforcement officials from the Migration department raided a number of business establishments in Nicosia Friday night, in an effort to locate undocumented workers.

According to police sources, officers from Nicosia as well as support units for reinforcement from precincts in Larnaca, Paphos, and Famagusta, raided a total of nine establishments in the capital, including bars, cafes, and fast-food joints. The operation took place on the busiest night of the week between 8:30pm and 1:30am.

Police said a total of 57 foreign nationals underwent document inspections during the raids, with migration officers checking the status of 42 workers and 15 customers.

Five people were arrested on suspicion of violating labour laws, including four workers and one employer who were taken to the police station for booking and later released.

Another individual was arrested on visa violations, with police saying he was suspected of staying in the Republic of Cyprus unlawfully. Police told Knews the arrest was not related to any labour code violations.

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