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Court clears the way for Auditor General's dismissal hearing

Supreme Constitutional Court clarifies Attorney General's authority, setting stage for upcoming legal battle


In a recent ruling, the Supreme Constitutional Court settled a dispute regarding the Attorney General's authority to seek the dismissal of the Auditor General for misconduct.

According to a report by Apostolos Tomaras, the court upheld the Attorney General's right to file for dismissal, emphasizing their duty to safeguard public interest and uphold the rule of law. This decision stemmed from a previous legal case known as the Erotokritou case.

Additionally, the court addressed concerns raised by the Auditor General regarding the role of the Assistant Attorney General. It rejected claims that it had misunderstood the Attorney General's powers outlined in the constitution.

With the preliminary objection dismissed, the path is now clear for the dismissal hearing to proceed. The court scheduled the proceedings to begin next Wednesday, with Attorney General George Savvidis expected to testify first. His testimony will shed light on crucial aspects of the case, according to one of the Auditor General's lawyers.

Furthermore, the Attorney General confirmed that he will not call the President of the Republic as a witness once the proceedings conclude.


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