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Covid: 3 deaths, 10,879 new cases in the last 7 days

Covid positivity rate rises to 11.62%

Source: CNA

Cyprus’ Health Ministry announced on Friday that 3 people died due to COVID-19, while 10,879 new cases were detected from the 24th to the 30th of June. The positivity rate now stands at 11.62%.

The dead are comprised of two men, aged 75 and 87 years old, who both died on June 24, and an 84-year-old woman who died on June 28.

The total deaths recorded in Cyprus since the pandemic broke stand at 1,075. The Ministry said that 75 patients are being treated in hospitals around the island and 4 are in serious condition. One is intubated while 3 are in an ACU. Moreover, 3 patients who are no longer infectious continue to receive treatment, intubated in an ICU.

A total of 93,607 tests were carried out during the above-mentioned period and the total cases rose to 515,596.

4,309 PCR tests were performed and 740 came back positive, resulting in a positivity rate of 17.17%).  In addition, 89,298 rapid tests were performed and 10,139 tests came back positive, resulting in a positivity rate of 11.35%.  As a result of contact tracing, a total of 35 PRC tests were performed resulting in 9 positive cases, a positivity rate of 25.71%.  Of 3,628 PCR tests done privately, 607 cases returned positive, a positivity rate of 16.73%, while of the 76,761 rapid tests, 9,703 came back positive, a positivity rate of 12.64%.

Via the Ministry’s programs, a total of 12,537 rapid tests were performed and 436 cases came out positive.

In the testing units, 384 cases were reported from 5,012 rapid tests (PR 7.66%). In the army 181 tests were carried out and 10 cases were detected (PR 5.52%), in nursing homes from 4,218 rapid tests 29 cases were detected (PR 0.69%) while in closed units 13 cases were reported from 3.126 tests (PR 0.42%).

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