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No plan to bring back covid restrictions just yet

Health Ministry cautious after spike in cases last Friday

Source: CNA

There are no thoughts for the time being to bring back restrictions for COVID, Press Advisor of the Ηealth Μinistry, Constantinos Athanasiou, told the Cyprus News Agency, following a hike in positivity rate and cases on Friday.

He said that the Ministry has no plans for making face masks mandatory indoors but noted that all authorities monitor closely the situation and assess all figures and if there is a need to take measures, we will do so.

Athanasiou said the people who are being treated in hospitals do not have severe symptoms at the moment. He also urged citizens to follow self-protective measures, i.e. wearing masks in crowded places, practicing social distancing and sanitizing their hands frequently.

Invited to say if there will be a meeting of the scientific advisory committee, he said that they have not contacted the committee as a whole, adding that if the officials at the ministry decide to bring back any measures, they will ask for the input of the committee.

Following the rise in cases, the Ministry issued an announcement reminding the public of the self-protective measures. The Ministry urges the public, especially the vulnerable groups, to wear a face mask when in crowded places.

According to the protocol, a person who is infected must self-isolate for 7 days and can exit the isolation on the 5th day with a negative PCR.

Close contacts need to be reported and the citizens are advised to isolate when they have symptoms and to contact their GP for a free test.

Visitors and employees in hospitals, clinics, closed units and nursing homes need to wear a face mask. All those with a valid vaccination card or infection certificate do not have to show a safe pass while others need to have a rapid test of 48 hours or a PCR of 72 hours.

A mask is mandatory in public transport.

Visitors of hospitalized persons need to show a rapid test or a PCR test valid for 48 hours and only one person each time or two people per day are allowed to visit.

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