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More than 7,000 new covid cases, 2 deaths recorded

The COVID positivity rate has climbed to 9.77% between June 17-23

Source: CNA

COVID positivity rate hiked to 9.77% in Cyprus in the period between 17-23 June, the Ministry of Health announced Friday. The figures showed 2 more deaths from COVID and 7,263 new cases while 47 patients are getting treatment in hospitals across the island.

Of the 2 people who died, one is an 89-year-old female who passed away on June 19 and the other is a 37-year-old male who died before the past week but was reported later. The total deaths from COVID are 1,072.

Of the 47 hospitalizations, 4 are in serious condition, 1 of whom is intubated and 3 are in an ACU. Moreover, 2 patients who are no longer infectious are intubated in an ICU.

Between June 17 and 23, a total of 74,362 tests were carried out and the total cases since the pandemic broke out rose to 504,717.

A total of 4,111 PCR tests were conducted and 572 cases were detected (Positivity rate 13.91%) while 70,251 tests were rapid and 6,691 came back positive (PR 9.52%).

In the framework of contact tracing 13 PCR tests were done and 7 cases were detected (PR 53.85%) while on private initiative 3,368 PCR tests were carried out and 443 were positive (PR 13.15%). The rapid tests done were 59,674 and 6,432 came back positive (PR 10.78%).

In the framework of testing by the Ministry, a total of 10,577 rapid tests were conducted and 259 were positive while at testing units the rapid tests were 3,850 and 217 came back positive (PR 5.64%).

In the national guard 22 cases were reported from 217 tests (PR 10.14%), in nursing homes from 3,901 tests 15 were positive (PR 0.38%) while in closed units 5 cases were detected from 2,609 tests (PR 0.19%).

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