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Covid cases decreasing in Cyprus

Covid protocols for the start of schools in the fall will be announced in the coming days

Source: CNA

COVID-19 cases in Cyprus in the last couple of days are down, according to Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela, who also said that in one or two weeks, the COVID protocol for schools will be ready.

Replying to questions about the health situation on the island, he said that on Saturday there were 740 cases from 8,266 tests and on Sunday 456 from 7,253 tests.

These two numbers show that we have a significant decrease while there is also a significant decrease in hospitalizations with 72 patients currently in hospitals with COVID.

Answering questions, Hadjipantela said already Ministry of Health officials are working intensively working to prepare the protocol for schools for the coming autumn.

I believe it will be ready in the next week or two, he added.

Regarding monkeypox, Hadjipantelas said there is no complacency on the issue.

He reminded journalists that last week he talked with the Executive Director of WHO. “He gave us the guidelines”, he said, adding in the next days he will meet with high-risk health groups to advise them to undergo tests should they have any symptoms.

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