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COVID: Over 1,100 people receive 4th vaccine dose in Cyprus

The fourth vaccine dose is not mandatory

Source: CNA

A total of 1,119 persons have so far received the 4th COVID vaccine dose, since September 20, deputy director of nursing services Evagoras Tambouris told the Cyprus News Agency.

As of today, the 4th dose is available to all citizens over the age of 30, to all staff or residents of nursing homes and closed units regardless of their age, to all health professionals and pregnant regardless of age and to children over 12 with diabetes, serious obesity issues and metabolic syndrome.

Today, data show that up until 1300 local hours, 279 people received the 4th dose.

Tambouris said that turnout is indeed low because we are still in the summer period. But he expressed optimism that numbers will start increasing, adding that they will not reach last year’s figures.

People can get the 4th dose if 5 months have elapsed from the booster shot. They must show an Identification document (ID or passport) and their vaccination card.

Fourth dose vaccination is not mandatory and all eligible can visit the walk-in centers for their vaccinations.

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