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Crew tests lights at Eleftheria Square

Light tests painted a different picture at Nicosia's Eleftheria Square on Wednesday night


A crew working on the Eleftheria Square project in downtown Nicosia performed lighting tests on Wednesday night, with reports saying the overall project is moving ahead at a quick pace.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, a crew from the contractor along with city officials, tested exterior lighting, which is an integral part of the design for the public square.

The city council voted to block vehicular traffic on adjacent Costakis Pandelides Road, following pressure from the public

The square, designed by the late Zaha Hadid, runs along the moat surrounding the Venetian walls of the old city of Nicosia. It was opened to pedestrians in December 2018, while the city council earlier this month voted to block vehicular traffic on an adjacent artery, Costakis Pandelides Road, following pressure from the public.

During Wednesday’s light tests, several parts of the square were examined for operability and overall function, essentially turning white concrete into a blend of multiple colours and artistic shapes.

The Eleftheria Square project has not been without hiccups, both administrative and technical glitches, since it began six years ago. Delivery dates have also been postponed a number of times, drawing heavy criticism from the public.



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