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Cute lion cubs in Paphos steal show [VIDEO]

Mother lioness at Peyia zoo enjoys quiet time during lockdown to raise twins


A video shows two new white lion cubs playing and sheltering in place without a care in the world during lockdown in Cyprus.

According to local reports, two white lion cubs, a male and a female, were born at the Peyia zoo in Paphos last month in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The zookeeper reportedly said Hera, the proud mom, took advantage of the lockdown measures, primarily lack of human distractions, which have helped her care for the babies on her own.

Last year zoo staff had to intervene when Simba, a male cub, was born in great health but his keepers at the Peyia zoo had him on the bottle eight times a day, day and night, using a special formula imported from abroad.

Simba’s mom was said to have been distracted by visitors last year, but this year the zoo remained closed with no visitations allowed whatsoever.

Both parents possess a recessive gene that affects colored pigments called melanin. But the cub is not considered an albino as it has blue eyes instead of yellowish-brown, putting Simba in the category of leucistic animals.

No name ideas have been announced for the newborn cubs, while an announcement is expected soon about a naming competition.

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