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CyBC reporter interviews quarantined persons without safety precautions

The interviews, broadcast on state television, showed the reporter speaking to potential coronavirus cases with a lowered mask


A reporter for state broadcaster CyBC may be placed in quarantine after interviewing potential coronavirus cases in isolation in the Troodos mountains without taking personal protection measures.

The CyBc reporter had travelled to Troodos to speak to some of the 41 persons, including students and elderly, who had arrived from the UK on Monday and who were transferred to the mountains where they are to remain in quarantine for two weeks, as per new government measures, as they may have carried the virus from abroad.

The journalist interviewed three of the quarantined arrivals from abroad with a lowered mask which left his mouth exposed and without keeping a safe distance. The three interviewees stood shoulder to shoulder and were also without masks.

Government circles have stressed that anyone, including journalists, who comes in contact with suspected coronavirus cases must remain in isolation.

One of the people interviewed said that the quarantine premises in Troodos lacked basic hygiene items such as soap and antiseptic products, while three of the quarantined group are diabetics which require special medication and diets.

Several travelers have cried foul over bad quarantine conditions, claiming that they are being treated like “criminals” and “lepers.”

Footage from the interviews (in Greek):


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