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Cyprus to support Greece's fire battle

Ongoing assistance in crisis response

Newsroom / CNA

The Cypriot mission that contributes to the effort to battle the wildfires in Greece will remain there at least until Thursday, the member of the Cypriot mission and First Class Forestry Officer of the Forestry Department, Stavros Mouchlis, told CNA on Tuesday, noting that, for now, it is unknown when they will return.

Asked about today's mission activity, Mouchlis said, "Our day was relatively quiet. We had a fire between Tatoi-Ekali, it was dealt with successfully."

He also noted that at the moment they have no information regarding a possible relocation of the mission to another operational front. "We are willing, we talked to the Fire Department. We told them that we are willing to operate anywhere where there is a possibility of supplying our aircraft from the ground. We receive instructions from the Operations Center and act under their orders", he said.

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