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Cyprus Airways say 'bonjour!' with its new Nice route

Cyprus' flag carrier celebrates high demand and resilience amid evolving travel landscape

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

Cyprus Airways is set to launch a new route to and from Nice on December 12, announced by the airline's Commercial Director, Christos Limnatitis, during an interview on DIASPORA NEWS on the SPOR FM channel.

Limnatitis revealed that there was significant interest in this route from both the public and industry professionals. Notably, the French market exceeded expectations, showing a high demand in both directions.

The airline is strategically focusing on the eastern market to leverage Cyprus' strategic geographical location. Limnatitis also addressed concerns about flights to Israel and their impact amid the ongoing conflict. He assured that daily risk assessments are conducted, and routes to Israel and Beirut continue to operate without disruptions. While flight occupancy to Israel was previously at 80%, it currently stands at 60% due to recent events.

Looking ahead, Limnatitis hinted at plans for fleet expansion. Cyprus Airways is expected to acquire one to two A220 aircraft by 2024.

Lastly, Limnatitis noted a surge in business tourism, indicating a positive trend in the airline industry.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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