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Cyprus Bar Association under scrutiny for alleged misleading of asylum seekers

Ministry of Interior lodges complaints, prompting internal investigation and disciplinary review


The President of the Pancypriot Bar Association, Michalis Vorkas, has confirmed today that the association is facing complaints from the Ministry of the Interior regarding allegations of lawyers misleading asylum seekers.

The matter came to light following a report in the newspaper "O Phileleftheros." When asked to comment on the publication, which detailed complaints by the Ministry of the Interior to the Pancypriot Bar Association regarding the alleged misleading of asylum seekers by lawyers, President Vorkas acknowledged the complaints. He asserted that it is the duty of the Pancypriot Bar Association, within its institutional framework, to proactively examine cases where members are accused of engaging in inappropriate or reprehensible actions.

Regarding the specific issue highlighted in the "O Phileleftheros" publication, Vorkas stated that it is deemed necessary to investigate the matter within the Council of the Pancypriot Bar Association. A decision will be made on whether the issue should be referred to the association's disciplinary bodies for further investigation.

Vorkas mentioned that the Pancypriot Bar Association is already scrutinizing similar occurrences that have been brought to its attention in the recent past, and developments are anticipated. He assured that the new Council of the Association will be decisive in addressing cases where members are found to be engaging in illegal activities.

While emphasizing that individuals should not be considered guilty until charges are proven, Vorkas stated that the legal profession as a whole should not be targeted based on the actions of a few members. He emphasized the need to discard any "rotten apples" within the association.

When asked to elaborate on the charges under examination, Vorkas disclosed that one of the charges being reviewed by the Disciplinary Council specifically relates to the misleading of asylum seekers. However, he refrained from providing further details at this stage, citing an ongoing disciplinary review. Vorkas concluded by stating that individuals facing related complaints will be given the opportunity to defend themselves.

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