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Cyprus to boost number of random tests at airports

The health ministry agreed to increase the number of daily random coronavirus tests on passengers arriving from category A and B countries to 600


The health ministry will be boosting the number of random coronavirus checks conducted on passengers arriving at Cyprus airports from category A and B countries to 600.

In line with suggestions tabled by the government’s health advisory committee, and in cooperation with the transport ministry, Cyprus health authorities agreed to increase the number of random coronavirus tests, which will be conducted through a less costly method.

The decision was forwarded to the relevant departments that are to make all necessary preparations, with the decision expected to be implemented in the coming days.

The move is expected to heighten the island’s protection from potential imported cases, and the consequent spread of the virus among the local community.

Passengers arriving from countries included by national authorities in category A, considered low risk in terms of coronavirus, do not need to present proof of a negative coronavirus test, as is the requirement from those arriving from category B countries.

On Tuesday, an updated risk-based list of countries was issued by the health ministry, with the UK and Serbia being included in category C, which requires arriving passengers to isolate for two weeks.

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