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Cyprus braces for flash floods

Severe storms daytime Sunday along with heavy winds, Monday break, then weather deteriorates again


A severe weather warning has been issued for Cyprus on Sunday, with stormy conditions expected in parts of the island including heavy showers, strong winds, and possibly hail, while conditions will deteriorate next week after a Monday break.

Weather officials issued a yellow flood warning for Sunday morning starting at 7am and lasting through the afternoon at 2pm, citing heavy showers in many parts of the island. Precipitation is expected to reach 35 millimetres per hour while hail is also expected during heavy thunderstorms.

Sunday skies will be mostly cloudy with strong winds expected throughout the day, while afternoon skies will see milder conditions. Temperature highs will reach 18 degrees Celsius inland and in coastal areas, while it will be 9 degrees higher up in the mountains.

Evening skies will feature scattered clouds along with foggy conditions overnight and mainly before dawn, when both low cloud formations and thin fog are expected inland and in the east. Temperature lows will drop to 9 degrees in the interior, around 13 in the south and east, around 14 in the north and west, while it will be 4 degrees higher up.

Rain chances remain high for early next week with light rain expected Monday along with a slight rise in temperature but conditions will deteriorate after Tuesday afternoon, when heavy showers will move in initially from the west. Snow is also expected high up and it will continue Wednesday when weather conditions will be unstable along with a noticeable temperature drop. 

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