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Cyprus detects 10 new cases, but nine asymptomatic

Six of the 10 new cases were detected through the sampling program at Cyprus airports, with five of those new cases flying in from Poland


The Cyprus health ministry announced 10 new cases on Monday, when a bulk of 2,619 laboratory tests were conducted to check samples for the virus. Nine of the 10 new cases were asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

Six arrivals

According to the announcement, six of Monday’s 10 new cases were detected through the ongoing sampling program at Cyprus airports.

Specifically, four of the new cases involved tourists that flew in on the same flight from Poland on August 9. Three of the four are friends, while all four are asymptomatic.

The fifth new case detected at a Cyprus airport, also asymptomatic, had likewise flown in from Poland on August 9, but arrived on a different flight that departed from a different Polish city.

The sixth new asymptomatic case detected through the airport sampling program flew in from Scotland via London on August 8.

Two got tested privately

The first person who was found positive for the virus after taking the initiative to get tested had a recent history of travel to Lebanon, from where he returned on August 3. According to the health ministry, upon his return, he failed to comply with quarantine instructions, which, in combination with being asymptomatic, may prove a headache for national health authorities.

The second person who took the initiative to get tested was also asymptomatic.

Two more

The remaining two cases announced on Monday involved a contact of another known case, and an asymptomatic woman who was submitted to a routine check for the virus prior to surgery.

The new cases raised total coronavirus cases recorded in the Republic of Cyprus to 1,252. Currently, the Famagusta general hospital is treating five coronavirus patients in a general ward.

New cases within goal, but asymptomatic carriers a new headache

On Monday, member of the government’s health advisory committee Leontios Kostrikis said that the island’s recent surge in new cases is expected to see a downward trend as a result of the government’s additional coronavirus protection measures enforced some 10 days ago.

He noted that Cyprus’ goal is a maximum of five new cases per 1,000 tests, a goal which was met on Monday when 10 new cases were detected from over 2,600 tests.

But at the same time, the Cyprus health ministry issued a renewed warning on Monday, particularly to younger groups, for an avoidance of large gatherings such as parties, as such events have been the main cause of the rampant spread of the virus in other European countries.

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