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Dozens fined for flouting Covid-19 decrees over weekend

Thousands of police checks across Cyprus led to over 100 reports against individuals for not wearing masks and to 49 businesses booked, two of which received hefty fines


Cyprus police carried out 3,473 inspections at premises across all districts over the past three days to ensure compliance with ministerial decrees aiming at restricting the spread of COVID-19.

The checks led to 117 reports against individuals not wearing a mask in places where mask-use is mandatory, while 49 businesses were either fined or charged for non-compliance with coronavirus decrees.

Additionally, port police carried out 81 inspections and reported two individuals. There were also nine reports at Larnaca Airport and six at Paphos Airport.

In the past 24 hours, police issued hefty fines to a Larnaca beach bar and Paphos hotel. According to the police, the owner of the Larnaca beach bar was handed an 8,000 euro fine for violating coronavirus decrees, while the Paphos hotel was issued a fine of 4,000.

1,165 checks over past 12 hours

In the past twelve hours, a total of 1,165 inspections were carried out, with 47 individuals reported for not wearing a mask. An additional seven businesses and three passengers at airports were reported for not complying with coronavirus health and safety measures.

In Nicosia 157 inspections were carried out with two premises and 18 individuals reported. In Limassol 339 inspections led to 14 individuals being reported, while in Larnaca 271 inspections were carried out with on business and six individuals reported.

In Paphos 44 inspections led to four businesses and five citizens reported, in Famagusta 215 inspections saw two individuals reported, and in Morphou district 139 inspections led to two individuals being reported.

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