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Cyprus firm on expanding Russia sanctions

Sanctions tighten on Russia over Ukraine


During the discussion at the European Union's Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) held in Brussels on Monday, Cyprus took a clear stance on the issue of EU sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, which marks two years in two days.

According to an article by Yiannis Ioannou, published in Kathimerini's Wednesday's edition, a statement regarding the Cypriot Foreign Minister's participation in the FAC, Mr. Christodoulides reiterated Cyprus' steadfast support for the people and government of Ukraine. He expressed Cyprus' readiness to support the 13th package of sanctions, emphasizing that circumvention remains a key factor undermining collective efforts. Additionally, Mr. Christodoulides highlighted discussions among the 27 member states regarding the inclusion of companies from third countries, including Turkey, Serbia, China, and India, in the sanctions list due to their involvement in bypassing EU sanctions against Turkey.

It is worth noting that since February 2022, the EU has imposed 12 rounds of sanctions against individuals and entities in Russia for their direct involvement in supporting and reinforcing Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Recently, Politico reported that France, Greece, and Cyprus had "blocked" the EU's purchase of 155mm projectiles intended for military support to Ukraine, as part of Western efforts to aid Kyiv in the ongoing war. The report quickly gained traction amidst ongoing discussions in the international public sphere concerning Ukraine, particularly following Russian military successes, notably in the Avdiivka region. However, this blockade isn't inherently new or directly related to continued military assistance to Ukraine by the West and the EU. Instead, it reflects an established dynamic discussion within the EU regarding the strategic autonomy of the European defense industry and, specifically, the purchase, using EU taxpayer money, of weapons systems outside Europe. France, Greece, and Cyprus have maintained consistent principles on this matter for several years.

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