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Investigation underway on mysterious explosion in Makedonitissa

Authorities delve into the complexities of a devastating blast, focusing on potential gas leak and planning permissions, while an 18-year-old girl recovers from severe burns.


Authorities are grappling with the complexities of unraveling the cause behind a powerful explosion that rocked a three-story house in Makedonitissa around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday. A dedicated investigative team has been assembled to explore two crucial aspects: the origin of the explosion and the compliance of the guesthouse, housing students, with the required permits.

While various factors complicate the investigation, including the absence of an LPG cylinder inside the affected studio, the leakage of liquefied petroleum gas is emerging as a leading contender for the explosion's cause. Fire Service Spokesman Andreas Kettis highlighted the challenges in determining the source and sequence of events leading to the explosion.

The aftermath has seen teams from the police, fire brigade, and the Electromechanical Service meticulously sifting through the debris in their quest for answers. The blast has leveled the area, with concerns about potential planning violations prompting an inquiry by the Municipality of Egomi. Mayor Zacharias Kyriakou stated that investigations would focus on the building's planning permissions and any unlicensed additions or extensions.

The explosion inflicted injuries on an 18-year-old girl, who is now in stable condition at the Plastic Surgery Ward of Nicosia General Hospital. Burnt over 40% of her body, her treating doctors report her condition as stable. Another person, although not present during the explosion, experienced shock upon witnessing the aftermath and was hospitalized.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities aim to piece together the puzzle surrounding this unfortunate incident, considering both the cause of the explosion and potential violations in the building's permissions.

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