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Cyprus forecasters warn of depression moving in

Yellow level flood watch as unstable conditions bring thunderstorms and strong winds


A depression from the west is affecting Cyprus this week, with weather officials issuing a flood warning as prolonged showers and strong winds are expected in parts of the island.

Wednesday skies will be mostly cloudy with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms, while temperatures will begin to drop.

Skies will begin to clear Thursday evening while Friday will be mostly clear with chances of light afternoon rain in the mountains

Unstable conditions due to a low pressure system named Diomedes, a slow moving depression affecting Cyprus Wednesday and Thursday, are expected to produce strong winds and prolonged rain over parts of the island, along with heavy thunderstorms at times in local areas.

An all-day flood watch will be in effect Wednesday through 10pm, with weather officials expecting precipitation levels to exceed 55 millimeters in a 24-hour period.

Weather officials have not issued any dust warnings but said low levels were moving out of the area. People with seasonal allergies, breathing problems, or asthma may click here for information on the latest air quality levels at various traffic and industrial stations across the island.

Temperature highs will reach around 17 degrees Celsius inland, around 19 along the coast, while it will be 7 high up in the mountains.

Evening showers will continue mainly in the western half of the island, while temperature levels will drop to 6 degrees inland, around 10 in coastal areas, and 0 (zero) higher up where frost is expected to form overnight.

Skies will begin to clear Thursday evening while Friday weather is expected to be mostly clear but with increasing clouds between periods over local areas as well as chances of light afternoon rain in the mountains.

Snow continues to fall high up in the mountains, while the last measurement of the Troodos Square snow gauge was 4.7 inches as recorded on Wednesday morning at 5am.

Saturday temperatures are expected to rise slightly.

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