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Cyprus’ Foreign Minister to attend Munich Security Conference

European security, defence cooperation, transatlantic cooperation, climate change and its relation with the security sector, and terrorism are all topics on the conference's table

Newsroom / CNA

The Foreign Minister of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides, departs on Friday for Munich, to attend the Munich Security Conference, taking place between February 14-16.
A Foreign Ministry announcement says that the conference, organized annually since 1963, is the biggest international forum on global politics in the security sector. It is attended each year by heads of state or government, Foreign and Defence Ministers, high-ranking officials from international organizations and NGOs, as well as experts.
This year’s session is expected to be attended by 30 heads of state or government and over 100 Foreign and Defence Ministers, the announcement adds.

European security and defence cooperation, ways to tackle modern challenges and threats, the transatlantic cooperation, climate change and its relation with the security sector, as well as terrorism and cybersecurity, will be among the topics to be discussed.
On the sidelines, Christodoulides is expected to have a series of bilateral meetings with the European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, Lebanon’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister, as well as with his counterparts from Albania, Spain, Iraq and Kuwait. Among others, he will also meet with Serbia’s European Integration Minister, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the UAE, as well as with officials from international organizations and NGOs.

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