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Cyprus President firm on UN resolution for settlement

Christodoulides slams 'irrational' Turkish proposal for two-state solution

Newsroom / CNA

The President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides rejected the Turkish demand for a ''two-states'' solution to the long-standing Cyprus issue as ''irrational'', reaffirming his government’s position that “there is not, and there will never be, any other basis for settlement of the Cyprus question to that describe by the UNSC resolutions” - namely a bizonal, bicommunal federation.

Speaking at an event in London on Tuesday evening to mark the 90th anniversary of the Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, a mainstay organisation of the UK Cypriot diaspora, President Christodoulides also said that he was aware of the “unacceptable” Turkish positions setting prerequisites to resume settlement talks, such as the so-called sovereign equality and equal international status.

“Turkish positions have been answered long ago. And they have been answered not only by each and every government of the Republic of Cyprus. In fact, Turkish demands have been persistently addressed by the international community itself,” he retorted, addressing an audience of more than 180 members of the diaspora, as well as British MPs.

“For us there is no other option than solving the Cyprus problem based on the agreed framework,” he added.

In this regard he welcomed the appointment of a UN Secretary-General Personal Envoy for Cyprus as “an important message” from Guterres for the “absolute necessity” to resume negotiations aimed at a mutually acceptable and just solution.

He repeated his personal pledge to work to that end as an “absolute priority” of his.

President Christodoulides also praised the “defining contribution” of the Greek Cypriot Brotherhood in supporting the work for a free and united Cyprus, as well as in promoting closer relations between Cyprus and the UK.

He also conveyed his government’s and the Cypriot people’s gratitude for the organisation’s “instrumental work”.

The Vice-President of the Brotherhood Christos Karaolis, in his introductory remarks, described the organisation as “a unifying force, across the political spectrum for our diaspora”.

He thanked the President of the Republic for his “unstinting support” and pledged the diaspora’s determination to assist him in his efforts to achieve a peaceful, functional and just settlement to the Cyprus issue.

Concluding the evening, President Christodoulides was declared Patron of the Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, an honour bestowed upon all the former Presidents of the Republic of Cyprus and the late Archbishop Chrysostomos.

Earlier in the day Christodoulides had attended a meeting with investors and entrepreneurs, who discussed investment opportunities in Cyprus.

On Wednesday he travels to Brussels to attend the European Council summit.


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