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Cyprus ranks high in childhood obesity

The island nation has one of the highest rates of obesity in childrencompared to other countries

Source: CNA

Cyprus is one of the top countries with a very high rate of childhood obesity, according to a report presented to the Parliamentary Health Committee on Thursday.

The very important issue of childhood obesity was discussed today in the Health Committee, according to Deputy Chairperson of the Committee, Savia Orphanidou, in a statement issued following the meeting.

"Unfortunately, Cyprus is among the first countries with a very high rate on this issue," she added. "Certainly, as we have been informed, this is the longest-lasting pandemic and the scourge of the times."

As a result, Ms. Orphanidou continued, "we welcome the Ministry of Health's initiative to establish the Quality of Life Committee at the Ministry of Health, and we expect this Committee to be strengthened, as we expect the Action Plan for the issues facing childhood obesity to be promoted immediately."

He also emphasized that the Ministries of Health and Education should collaborate more actively and vigorously to promote exercise issues at all levels and grades in our education.

In a statement, DIKO MP Chrysanthos Savvidis stated that research was presented to the Health Committee on Thursday by all those who were invited to the Health Committee on the issue of childhood obesity.

According to him, all studies show that Cyprus is one of the top two countries in terms of obesity.  Cyprus was first with 49% in a survey of 7-9-year-olds in 2021 and Cyprus will surpass 49% by 2022.

"What is more concerning is that, despite the fact that everyone is aware of the problem, no steps have been taken to address it. We have received complaints that the PE lesson in the high school cycle is only one hour per week, despite the fact that all PE teachers are requesting more hours. We have received a complaint that home economics class in the second and third grades is only one hour long "He continued.

He mentioned that these two topics are thought to be crucial in addressing the problem.

"Although nutritionists and dieticians advise us to follow a healthy diet every day, the Ministry of Education's programs have failed, as evidenced by the results. Therefore, what is anticipated and what a reasonable person would expect is a restructuring of the Ministry of Education's overall planning on issues related to childhood obesity. The Nutrition Department that belonged to the Ministry of Health has finally been dismantled", he said.

[This article has been translated from its Greek original]

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