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Tatar: Moving towards recognition

'The new policy has made the reality of TRNC more comprehensible,' Tatar says

Source: CNA

The pseudo-state (TRNC) will attend the historic Turkic States Summit in Uzbekistan on November 11 as an observing member, Ersin Tatar claimed in a meeting with a delegation of the AKP's Foreign Relations Committee in the occupied territories led by former MP Mehmet Jeyhan.

According to Bayrak's website, Tatar stated that various meetings have been held in recent years in order for the Organization of Turkish States to be more organized and to act jointly on various issues and that Turkey is capable of directing all Turkish states with its own strength and means.

He went on to say that the Turkish President has been the global voice of Turkish Cypriots. "The new policy has made the reality of TRNC more comprehensible. Our responsibility is to strengthen the TRNC. We've accomplished a lot in two years. We received the Republic of Turkey's support, we put the two-state policy on the agenda, and the opening of Varosha boosted tourism and economic potential of the TRNC significantly "Ersin Tatar claimed.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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