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Cyprus records third least coronavirus cases in EU

Spain is in the lead with 218,011 confirmed cases, followed by Italy


Among all European countries, Cyprus has so far recorded the third least coronavirus cases, data released by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control on Wednesday showed.

According to the data, providing an overview of confirmed cases announced across 31 European countries, Liechtenstein has so far recorded the least cases (83), followed by Malta with 480 cases, and Cyprus with 874, a number that was valid before four new cases were announced on Tuesday night.

Spain took the lead with 218,011 confirmed cases, followed by Italy where 211,938 cases have been confirmed.

Greece was in position 12, with 2,632 cases confirmed.

According to ECDC, a total of 3,623,803 coronavirus cases have been confirmed worldwide, with 256,880 so far succumbing to the virus.


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