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Cyprus sees 22.1% surge in commercial flights in September 2023

Six EU nations exceed 2019 flight levels, Latvia and Finland hit hard


In a promising turn for the aviation industry, Cyprus experienced a remarkable upswing in commercial flights in September 2023. Data gathered by Eurocontrol and published by Eurostat, the EU's statistical service, unveiled a 22.1% increase in the number of flights compared to September 2022. The EU also reported a 7.9% rise in flight activity during the same period, signaling a broader trend.

While Cyprus demonstrated a smaller 5.9% increase when compared to September 2019, the EU as a whole maintained flight levels that were 8.9% lower than those recorded in the same month two years prior.

According to CNA, this upward trajectory extended throughout the summer months from June to August, both within the EU and Cyprus. The EU saw a substantial increase in flight activity, with June, July, and August registering growth rates of 6.9%, 7.4%, and 6.6%, respectively. However, the number of flights remained below the 2019 levels, with June (-10.4%), July (-9.0%), and August (-8.5%) still lagging behind.

In the case of Cyprus, the summer months witnessed a significant surge in flight activity in comparison to 2022, with June recording a 21.0% increase, July boasting a 23.8% rise, and August with a 22.6% surge. Additionally, there was a marginal increase when compared to 2019, with June (0.4%), July (6.1%), and August (6.8%) showcasing growth.

On a member-state level in September 2023, only six countries reported flight levels higher than those in September 2019: Greece (+10.9%), Portugal (+9.0%), Cyprus (+5.9%), Croatia (+2.6%), Ireland (+1.4%), and Malta (+0.7%). Conversely, Latvia (-30.4%), Finland (-30.2%), Estonia (-25.4%), Sweden (-24.1%), and Slovenia (-22.9%) continued to face challenges, with flight levels significantly lower compared to 2019.

This data reflects the changing landscape of the aviation industry, marked by an uneven recovery pattern across EU member states and Cyprus.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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