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Cyprus sees one coronavirus death, two new cases

The coronavirus fatality involved a 77-year-old man who suffered from underlying health conditions, though his death was fully attributed to virus


A 77-year-old coronavirus patient that suffered from underlying health conditions succumbed to the virus on Tuesday.

The fatality raised the total number of coronavirus deaths recorded in the Republic of Cyprus to 28, though just 21 of those deaths have been fully attributed to the virus. These involved 15 men and six women, of an average age of 73.

Meanwhile, the health ministry announced two new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, when 2,646 tests were conducted. The new cases brought total coronavirus cases detected so far to 1,490.

One of the new cases involved an asymptomatic woman who took the initiative to get tested prior to returning to work.

The second new case was a family contact of another known case, and got tested privately after developing symptoms on August 26.

Currently, the Famagusta general hospital is treating five coronavirus patients, one of which is in the ICU. The hospital discharged one patient on Monday. Additionally, one more coronavirus patient is receiving treatment at the Nicosia general hospital ICU.

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