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Cyprus takes big steps for rnvironment

Government official reveals plans for cleaner, greener communities

Source: CNA

Cyprus is working on actions and synergies aiming to create climate-neutral communities, Commissioner for the Environment Antonia Theodosiou, has said.

Speaking during an event on Saturday evening to mark the “Earth Hour,” Theodosiou said the actions will begin with the communities of Tillyria, northeast of Paphos, and in the valley of Xeros and Diarizos rivers, also in Paphos district.

Climate-neutral communities aim to drastically reduce emissions, whereas the invention is to convert them into UNESCO biosphere reserves, the Environment Commissioner added.

She also said that following authorization by the government, the Cyprus Energy Agency is collaborating with Municipalities and is drafting a climate-neutrality strategy for all communities and areas under the control of the Republic.

Furthermore, she noted that actions are underway by the Office of the Environment Commissioner to adopt policies concerning the natural bioclimatic construction, the protection of natural and cultural areas, the protection of constructed and intangible heritage, the protection of beaches, and participation in actions to protect and strengthen biodiversity.

On the occasion of “Earth Hour,” Theodosiou said that urgent action is needed on a global scale "for a more sustainable world and a prosperous society in absolute harmony with nature.”


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