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Cyprus to meet educational needs of Ukrainians

Ministry confirms support and special facilities for children wishing to remain under their national system


Public schools in the Republic of Cyprus will offer an optional Ukrainian track to refugee children from the war-torn country in addition to regular schooling, following the issuance of a European Commission policy guidance. 

The Education Ministry has issued a statement saying necessary arrangements have been made for the admission of newcomer children from Ukraine into state schools on the island.

Following discussion between ministry and Ukraine embassy officials, it has also been decided that student wishes concerning instruction be taken into account

Clarification came a day after the European Commission provided policy guidance for EU member states outlining key principles and practices supporting the inclusion of Ukrainian refugee children, young people and educators in schools, based on previous experience.

In accordance with EU policy, Ukrainian refugees arriving in Cyprus have a host of rights such as access to medical care, education, and housing support.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, Nicosia made plans to admit Ukrainian students to public schools at all levels.

“Children coming from Ukraine can enroll in public schools depending on their age and there they will receive the appropriate reception and support,” an education ministry said.

But following further discussion between ministry and Ukraine embassy officials, it has also been decided that wishes of students concerning instruction also be taken into account.

CNA reported that students who wish to continue attending school through Ukraine’s educational program will be able to do so in Cyprus, which “will provide special facilities, in addition to regular attendance at public schools.”

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