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Russians in Cyprus targeted over Ukraine

Embassy in Nicosia says Russians on the island have been insulted and told to ‘get out of Cyprus’


The Russian Embassy in Cyprus says it has received reports that Russians living in Cyprus have been targeted due to the war in Ukraine.

“The Embassy is receiving reports from Russian people living in Cyprus about threats, insults and demands to ‘get out of Cyprus’ addressed to them,” an official post said on Facebook.

Police told Knews on Thursday morning that law enforcement authorities were made aware of the Embassy announcement and were looking into whether such complaints had reached any agencies.

Police told Knews that they were made aware of the Embassy announcement and looking into whether such complaints had reached any agencies

A Washington Post report this week said Ukrainians and supporters of Ukraine were using the internet “to counter one of the world’s most fearsome war machines” and tell “invaders welcome to hell.”

Moscow officials in Nicosia did not provide details pertinent to the island but likened such incidents to a “witch hunt” and asked “all Russians not to get involved in provocations and immediately report such incidents to the police and the Russian Embassy.”

People in Cyprus including Ukrainians have been vocal about showing strong support for Ukraine, with posts on social media as well as protests outside buildings and embassies.

Reports overseas said supporters of Ukraine have been using social media to target and “humiliate the Russians, seeking to boost citizens’ spirits and sap invaders’ morale during the most internet-accessible war in history.”

Last week media access to popular Russian news outlets were blocked in Cyprus and European countries, including Russia Today’s channel on YouTube due to the ongoing war in Ukraine after European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said pro-Russia sites were spreading lies.

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