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Doxa is gone, but damage is done

Changes are underway to replace Komodromou, while faces' changes in the chapter of Chlorakas are expected

Marina Economides

Marina Economides

One way was considered for days the resignation of Doxa Komodromou from the Presidential. Not only because the co-governing parties had largely separated their position, but also because it was only in this way that it was estimated that the crisis created by the disclosure of overtime signed by the state official, which was ratified by the government spokesman.

That was why from the close circle of the President of the Republic it was leaked that he would personally deal with the matter when he returned from New York. The question that arises is whether after this late resignation the wound in the image of the government is healed.

The interesting thing about the resignation of Doxa Komodromou is that there was no attempt to take responsibility, apology for the event or even explanation of what unfolded. On the contrary, she chose to talk about a “very well-planned plan, which aimed to hit President Christodoulides, at the crucial time that he was fighting in New York for the Cyprus problem”.

A statement reminiscent of the communication management chosen by the Anastasiades government when the naturalization scandal was revealed. Ms Komodromou herself decided that there are no legal implications – from her decision to charge the state overtime – stressing that the responsibilities should be sought.

From the positioning of Doxa Komodromou and the simple statement of the Presidency, however, several questions remain unanswered. First and foremost about the judgment of the President himself. He chose to go ahead with the appointment of Komodromou at the same time that she insisted on taking the position of a government official, receiving the salary of an official but at the same time having the benefits of the tenure offered by the University of Cyprus.

No one took responsibility for the fiasco, no one took a clear position on the scandal, nor was there any intention of corrective action other than a belated resignation. What of course needs to be answered is who took the decision to charge overtime as, based on the insinuations left by Mrs Komodromou, someone else had ultimate responsibility for this arrangement.

Already as K is in a position to know in the next twenty-four hours a replacement for Doxa Komodromou, a person with media experience, is expected to be announced. At the same time, replacements of persons who were actively involved in Chlorakas and Limassol are expected. Announcements will be made within the week, while the President is expected to make announcements - informing citizens about what unfolded in New York, after the National Council meeting to be held on Tuesday.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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