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E-kalathi: Cost of basket per province

Research of consumer service for common products in major cities

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

A few hours before session of the House Trade Committee, during which the bill on the e-kalathi digital tool will be discussed again, The Consumer Protection Agency conducted a price survey for 51 products in 5 supermarkets per province and presents indicatively the information and options that the consumer could have had today if he had the specific electronic application at his disposal.

More specifically, inspectors of the Agency recorded today 25/9/2023, commodity prices in 5 supermarkets per province. As shown in the tables below, in the Nicosia district 37 “common products” were identified from a total of 51 searched, for which 37 products the total cost currently ranges from €147.06 to €160.83 (€13.77 difference).

In the Limassol district, 40 “common products” were identified, with the total cost ranging from €153.61 to €174.45 (€20.84 difference).

In Larnaca district, 39 “common products” were identified, with the total cost ranging from €130.36 to €157.56 (€27.20 difference).

Finally, 36 “common products” were identified in the Pafos district, with the total cost ranging from €121.05 to €137.74 (€16.69 difference).

As stated in its statement, the above shows that if the e-kalathi e-platform were available today, consumers would gain significant economic benefit, as this would indicate the cheapest selling point in their province for this shopping list, and it would also provide them with full information on product prices and their availability at various points. The full results of the survey can be seen by clicking here. For the above reasons, the Consumer Protection Service considers that the adoption of the e-kalathi e-platform will be an important and useful tool in the hands of Cypriot consumers.

See the results here.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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