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Giorkatzis to run for President of Nicosia District Council

Giorkatzis soon will make announcements, as reported by SPOR FM


The candidate for the position of President of Nicosia District Council in the upcoming local government elections on 9 June 2024 is being seriously considered by the Mayor of Nicosia, Constantinos Yiorkatzis.

He told SPOR FM and the news show DIASPORA, noting that he will make announcements soon. Regarding the Nicosia mayoralty, he said that he is in the last months of his term and will not be re-claiming it. At the same time, he said that he would be available to the next mayor to assist him in whatever he needed.

Speaking about the works underway in the Nicosia Municipality, Yiorkatzis said that the project of the single carriageway from the former Hilton Hotel to the Lycabettus Police Station, which is part of a larger Ministry of Transport project, is beneficial, but if completed in one or two years, because citizens are inconvenienced. He complained that so far the City has not received specific timelines from the Department of Public Works.

Regarding the revitalisation of Nicosia within the walls, he said that in 2024 the works on Trikoupis Street will be completed, which will change the aesthetic image of the entrance to the old town. He added that the works on Constantinou Paleologou Street will follow.

Asked by a listener whether he feels safe in old Nicosia, he replied in the affirmative. He noted that in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice there is now a police station in Old Nicosia and a police patrol in the evening hours. He said that these measures do not eliminate the problem, but reduce it.

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