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Duchess of York beats breast cancer, now facing skin melanoma

Confronting skin cancer six months after brave mastectomy


Sarah, Duchess of York, confronted a second health setback with a recent diagnosis of malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer, just six months after successfully undergoing treatment for early-stage breast cancer.

According to a Sky News report, the 64-year-old royal, known for her resilience, remains in "good spirits," according to a spokesperson. Further investigations are scheduled to ensure early detection and appropriate intervention.

The diagnosis unfolded during reconstructive surgery following her mastectomy, where a dermatologist identified one of the removed moles as cancerous. Expressing gratitude to the medical team, the Duchess emphasized the importance of monitoring moles for signs of melanoma, urging awareness of size, shape, color, and texture changes.

In a remarkable testament to her strength, the Duchess of York had proudly shared her experience of the mastectomy last year. The former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, underwent an eight-hour single mastectomy operation and reconstruction after discovering early-stage breast cancer during a routine mammogram.

Despite having no symptoms initially, the Duchess embraced the procedure, describing it as a "badge of office" in a TV interview. Her proactive approach included immediate research about the disease after leaving the hospital.

The unfortunate health news from the royal family continues, as the King prepares for hospital treatment for an enlarged prostate. Concurrently, Kate, Princess of Wales, underwent abdominal surgery, with an expected hospital stay of up to two weeks.

Malignant melanoma, the diagnosed skin cancer, is known to spread to other body areas. Ultraviolet light from the sun and sunbeds is a primary cause, with risk factors including age, family history, pale skin, and numerous moles.

The NHS advises vigilance for new moles or changes in existing ones, emphasizing prompt consultation for signs like itchiness, pain, inflammation, or dark areas under nails unrelated to injury. Regular monitoring is crucial for early detection and effective management of melanoma.

[With information sourced from Sky News]

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