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Dust and showers in the forecast

Isolated showers to persist


Today, Tuesday, the weather in our region promises a mix of conditions. Expect partly cloudy skies with the presence of occasional sparse dust in the atmosphere.

The day will start with medium to high clouds, which are likely to bring isolated light showers in the morning. As the day progresses, the afternoon and evening may see isolated showers or even thunderstorms, particularly in the mountainous regions and western areas.

Winds will prevail from the northwest to northeast, occasionally shifting to the east to southeast, maintaining a light to moderate strength at 3 to 4 Beaufort. Mariners, be aware that the sea will range from rough to slightly choppy.

Temperature-wise, brace for warmth as the mercury climbs to around 32 degrees Celsius inland, approximately 30 degrees along the coast, and a milder 23 degrees in the elevated mountain areas.

In the evening, partly cloudy skies will continue with the possibility of isolated light showers, especially in the northeast.

For tonight, the skies will remain partly cloudy, and later on, isolated light showers are expected, primarily in the northeast. The prevailing winds will be mainly from the northwest to northeast, maintaining a gentle 3 Beaufort strength.

The sea is anticipated to be calm to slightly choppy. Overnight temperatures will drop to around 17 degrees Celsius inland and on the northern coast, while the rest of the coast will experience temperatures around 19 degrees. In the higher mountains, it will be cooler with temperatures dropping to about 13 degrees.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, localized showers and isolated thunderstorms are anticipated during the afternoon and evening. While the temperatures may decrease slightly, they will remain above the typical climatic values.

On Thursday and Friday, our region can expect isolated showers or brief thunderstorms, primarily in the mountains and the eastern half of the island. Temperatures are not forecasted to undergo significant changes and will stay above the average climatic values.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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