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Easyjet halts Tel Aviv flights after Iranian attack

Easyjet axes Tel Aviv flights until April 21


British airline Easyjet has announced the temporary suspension of its flights "to and from Tel Aviv" in response to heightened tensions following an Iranian attack on the city early Sunday morning.

In a statement released on Monday, Easyjet cited the evolving situation in Israel as the reason behind their decision. The airline stated, "Due to the evolving situation in Israel, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend flights to and from Tel Aviv until April 21." Emphasizing the importance of passenger and crew safety, Easyjet assured that affected customers have been promptly notified via SMS and email about the cancellations.

The move comes after an Iranian attack targeted Tel Aviv in the early hours of Sunday, prompting concerns over the safety of air travel to the region. Easyjet confirmed that a flight from London Luton airport to Tel Aviv was cancelled on Sunday, further underscoring the impact of the decision on travel plans.

The suspension of flights underscores the ongoing tensions in the region and the ripple effects on international travel. Easyjet's proactive measure aims to prioritize safety amidst uncertainty, highlighting the airline's commitment to passenger welfare. As the situation continues to unfold, travelers are advised to stay updated on further developments and any changes to flight schedules.

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