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Economic activity could resume by spring end, Anastasiades says

Addressing the government's team of experts on the coronavirus pandemic on the occasion of World Health Day, the Cyprus President said vaccination could soon bring a return of normalcy

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President Nicos Anastasiades said Wednesday that he was hopeful that economic activity could resume by the end of spring, given that no unpredicted developments arise on the part of pharmaceutical companies.

This will be done by safeguarding citizens’ health and the healthcare system, he said during a meeting with the government’s health advisory committee at the Presidential Palace.

Addressing the members of the team on the occasion of World Health Day, Anastasiades said state authorities together with health experts are charting the path towards the resumption of economic activity.
He also extended his gratitude, on behalf of the state, to the members of the scientific team for their contribution in the successful handling of the pandemic.
On the occasion of World Health Day, Anastasiades said that he felt the need to start the day with those who made possible the handling of the pandemic “with absolute success.”
“Through your balanced approach, your cool-headed attitude and your informed opinion on the suitability of measures that had to be taken, the Republic of Cyprus earned accolades from the international community and Europe concerning the handling of the pandemic,” the President told scientists.

This has not happened by chance, the President went on and said that Cyprus is performing in a way that “makes us all proud.”

The vaccination program is being fully utilised to the greatest extent possible, he said, adding that Cyprus’ high test rates and reduced mortality rates rank the island among the better-faring countries across Europe.

“This is a great achievement, which was made possible as a result of the excellent cooperation we had, as well as due to your scientific proposals, that provided a guiding factor for government decisions,” he said.
President Anastasiades had a separate meeting on Wednesday with Cyprus’ Federation of Patients Associations, and praised the organisation for its contribution to the implementation of the General Healthcare System (GHS) in Cyprus. Anastasiades highlighted the importance of cooperation between state authorities and organisations in dealing with health matters.
The President also described the Federation as an “excellent organization”, which made it possible for the state to display a deeper interest for the chronically ill, and provide help “and this thanks to your cooperation.”
Referring to the introduction of the GHS, he said that the Federation’s cooperation encouraged the state to proceed with “the most important, revolutionary reform” which provides for all citizens’ healthcare since 2019. GHS spending amounted to €780 million in 2020 and €1.25 billion in 2021, the President added.

“We cannot imagine how we could tackle the pandemic, if there was no GHS” the President stressed, adding that around 30,000 chronically ill patients have already been vaccinated or have been called to set an appointment.

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