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Eerie 'witch bottles' surface along gulf of Mexico

The spellbinding saga of mysterious bottles in Texas


Jace Tunnell, a researcher, has stumbled upon eight enigmatic 'witch bottles' along the Gulf of Mexico since 2017, some adorned with barnacles from prolonged ocean exposure. The latest discovery occurred earlier this month in Corpus Christi.

According to a report on Metro UK, these peculiar items, named for their mysterious origins and unusual contents believed to hold spells, raise eyebrows. Even Mr. Tunnell's wife, while encouraging seashell collection, drew the line at bringing home these 'spell' bottles.

The glass containers often house a curious mix of hair, herbs, plants, nails, and even bodily fluids. Traditionally, those creating such bottles dispose of them through fire, but in this case, it appears the owners opted for a maritime burial.

While commonplace in the United Kingdom, where they are found buried in property corners and sealed into home walls, these mystical bottles have now found their way to the Gulf. Mr. Tunnell speculates that the bottles he discovered have ties to Haiti based on their manufacturing and distinct coloration.

Explaining the purpose behind spell bottles, Mr. Tunnell said, "Some are for protection, involving rituals with incense and smoke. People craft them for health reasons, luck, and various other purposes."

The enigma surrounding these witch bottles only deepens as researchers debate whether to open these mysterious containers or leave them to their maritime fate.

[With information sourced from Metro UK]

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