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Electronic IDs set to transform citizen services

Embracing e-signatures for a smarter tomorrow

Newsroom / CNA

Before the end of the current year, citizens and various professional groups will benefit from the use of electronic identity and electronic signatures in several government services, said Philippos Hadjizacharia, the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy, during his speech at the 19th annual Economist Conference in Nicosia.

In his address on the development of technology clusters for a knowledge-based economy, Hadjizacharia emphasized the need for digital transformation not only in bureaucracy but also in upgrading state services to be simple, brief, and user-friendly for citizens, using appropriate technologies.

He highlighted Cyprus's potential for investment and technological growth, emphasizing the importance of strengthening certain areas to boost both local and foreign technological companies' investment and expansion.

Key factors for enhancing the research and innovation ecosystem include complete digital transformation, the integration of artificial intelligence, the development of expertise in quantum computing, ensuring cybersecurity for both the state and businesses, providing access for businesses to government research labs, and the commercial exploitation of their findings.

Hadjizacharia mentioned the recent establishment of a central knowledge transfer office through the Research and Innovation Foundation, fostering the creation of tech startups through the country's academic institutions.

He also discussed the concept of regulatory "sandboxes" to allow businesses to experiment with products or services without full compliance with existing regulations, aiming to promote innovation while safeguarding consumer interests and market integrity.

Hadjizacharia concluded by envisioning Cyprus as a technological hub in the Mediterranean, emphasizing the importance of digital readiness for economic and social stability and the continuous improvement of citizens' quality of life through technology.


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