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The 22-year-old mastermind in Kalogeropoulos murder

Emotions run high as key suspect faces justice


In a dramatic turn of events, authorities handed over a 21-year-old suspect connected to the murder of Thanasis Kalogeropoulos. The individual voluntarily presented himself in Tae Larnaca, leading to his arrest on Friday afternoon.

Lefteris Kyriakou, head of the Limassol Tae, hinted at the possibility of the 21-year-old being the second person on the motorcycle involved in the crime, citing compelling testimonies and evidence held by the police.

The Role of the 22-Year-Old

Police now believe a 22-year-old suspect played a pivotal role in orchestrating the murder plan and facilitating the transport of Kalogeropoulos's killers. This key figure, currently in an eight-day detention, faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder, premeditated murder, weapon possession, transportation of explosives, theft, and arson of a vehicle.

Courtroom Tension

During the suspect's appearance at the Limassol District Court, emotions ran high as friends and relatives of the victim confronted him. The 22-year-old, clad in a bulletproof vest and under stringent security measures, did not contest his eight-day detention, expressing a willingness to cooperate with the police.

Lefteris Kyriakou emphasized progress in the investigation, highlighting testimony linking the 22-year-old to the case. However, he acknowledged that additional evidence and testimony are crucial for a comprehensive resolution.

The case has also seen tension spill into the Central Prisons, where investigations in two cells yielded evidence sent for scientific examination. Despite significant developments, Mr. Kyriakou noted that those arrested so far were already known to the police, indicating that more work remains for a complete resolution.

The complexity of the situation became evident as the court approved the police's request for the 22-year-old's detention, reinforcing the belief that conditions for holding the suspect were met.

As the Kalogeropoulos murder case unfolds, the spotlight remains on the intricate web of individuals involved, promising further revelations as the investigation progresses.

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