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EU simplifies work permit rules for third country nationals

New legislation introduces faster processing and increased flexibility for job seekers


The European Parliament recently voted on new rules for non-EU citizens who want to work and live in the EU. These rules aim to simplify the process of obtaining a work and residence permit.

Here's what's changed: The decision-making time for permit applications is now reduced to 90 days, with a possible extension of 30 days. Additionally, individuals already living in the EU with a different type of permit can now apply for this permit without returning to their home country.

Once granted, permit holders have the flexibility to change jobs or sectors of work, with a 45-day review period by national authorities. However, there may be a waiting period of up to six months before changing jobs in some cases.

In the event of job loss, permit holders have three months (or six months for those with permits for over two years) to find new employment before their permit is withdrawn. They also receive an extension if they face unfair working conditions.

If unemployed for more than three months, individuals may need to prove they can support themselves financially without relying on social assistance. These changes are designed to streamline the process while ensuring the rights and protections of all involved.

[Information sourced from CNA]


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