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EU summit stirs hope for Cyprus President's role in Turkey talks

EU-Turkey relations hang in the balance

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The possibility of adding a paragraph on EU-Turkey relations to the conclusions of the European Council Summit that is taking place in Brussels remains open after the meeting between President of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President of the European Council Charles Michel.

According to CNA sources, at this stage the position of the member states is being explored as to whether a paragraph or paragraphs can be added for the EU - Turkey relations, while there is no specific text submitted for discussion. Since the Summit's agenda is full of many difficult topics, the possibility of discussing the issue is becoming difficult.

Nicosia's position, as it was outlined during the meeting with Scholz and Michel is that the discussion on the future of EU-Turkey relations should take place in connection with any progress in the Cyprus issue. The same sources said that Cyprus agrees on the need to send a positive signal to Turkey, but that this should be done in connection with the progress of the Cyprus issue and the discussion of some relevant aspects.

However, diplomatic sources from other countries were extremely cautious when invited to say whether they consider it possible to have a discussion or inclusion in the conclusions of EU - Turkey references.

The meeting of President Christodoulides with the German leader and the President of the European Council took place immediately after the arrival of the President at the European Council and before the start of the Summit.

Previously, Germany had requested that there be a reference in the conclusions about the EU - Turkey relations on the basis of High Representative Josep Borrell's November report and for the next steps under the guidance of the Commission.

The position of Cyprus and Greece was that there should first be a serious discussion as well as an interconnection with the progress of the Cyprus issue, including a reference to the need that any positive step towards Turkey to be taken only with the consent of the Council. It is noted that Italy had also supported a EU-Turkey discussion at the Summit.

Later on, the President of the Republic held a tete a tete meeting with the UNSG right after the lunch that was attended by Antonio Guterres and the EU 27 leaders.

CNA has learned that during the meeting the UN Secretary General said that he remains committed to the efforts to resume the negotiations for the Cyprus issue and that he is in constant contact with his personal envoy for Cyprus Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar.

President Christodoulides thanked the UN Secretary-General for the appointment of his personal envoy which shows the Secretary General's commitment to the Cyprus issue. He also conveyed him the commitment of the Cypriot side to the Guterres framework and the readiness of the Greek Cypriot side to return to the negotiation process.

According to the same sources, in this context, the President reminded the UN Secretary General of the announcement of the unilateral measures to improve the daily life of the Turkish Cypriots alongside the announcement of the appointment of Holguin. The UNSG, the sources said, acknowledged that these were steps in the right direction.

Regarding the discussion about an EU envoy for the Cyprus issue, the same sources referred to a positive approach, recalling that in previous conclusions there was reference to the need to first appoint an envoy of the UN Secretary General.

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