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EU/UK nationals now registering at Citizens' Service Centers

Plenary unites to empower EU/UK nationals and families

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In a unanimous decision by the Plenary Assembly, an amendment has been approved, granting Union citizens and certain United Kingdom nationals, along with their family members, the right to move and reside freely in the Republic of Law.

This amendment facilitates the transfer of power in writing to any public official by the Director of the Civil Registry and Migration Department. This change aligns with the inclusion of the Department's services in the services provided by the Citizen Service Centres (KEP).

Notably, the bill designates the competent authority for implementing the amended basic legislation. In addition to the Director of the Civil Registry and Migration Department, any official, whether authorized generally or specifically by the Director, can now exercise this power instead of an official from the department, as it currently stands.

This adjustment, as discussed within the Committee on the Interior, is deemed necessary to ensure timely processing of applications received from employees in the CSFs.

These applications pertain to granting registration certificates to European citizens and specific UK nationals who are entitled to free movement and residence in the Republic, as outlined in the agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

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