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Excess renewable energy poses challenges for Cyprus

Cyprus explores possibilities of electricity export to Israel

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There is an excess production from renewable energy sources that could be extracted, stated the spokesperson of the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (TSO) to CNA.

For 2023, the estimated load rejection from renewables is at 3.22% of the total energy generated from renewables, corresponding to an estimated curtailed energy of 36,700 megawatt-hours. As Mr. Koutsoloukas mentioned, according to unofficial estimates for 2022, the total energy from renewables that was curtailed amounted to 12,700 megawatt-hours, which is nearly one-third of this year's estimate.

It is worth reminding that the Minister of Energy, George Papastas, who visited Israel and met with his Israeli counterpart, stated that Cyprus has the potential to become an exporter of electricity to Israel, either through electricity generation using natural gas, which can be transported to the island through an underwater pipeline, or through the green energy produced in Cyprus that is currently being curtailed. It is estimated that Israel will have a four to five-gigawatt electricity deficit in the next four to five years.

"With the current data, it is not possible to cover this deficit, but what is certain is that there is excess energy that we cannot absorb," Mr. Koutsoloukas stated to CNA.

Noting that curtailments are done for the security of the grid, as there must be a balance between demand and production, Mr. Koutsoloukas added that this surplus energy either needs to be curtailed, stored, or exported if there is an electrical interconnection.

Based on estimates by the TSO, the estimated renewable energy production in 2023 will reach 1,136 gigawatt-hours (GWh), with the penetration rate of renewables on total production amounting to 21.3%.

The generated energy from renewables in Cyprus is expected to increase, given the applications for photovoltaic installations, as well as Cyprus' targets based on the national energy and climate action plan.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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