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Expert concerned over cases at private hospitals, businesses

Expert Petros Karayiannis said large numbers of cases are still being detected at businesses and even hospitals, while the health ministry released a list of the places cases were found this week


Member of the government’s health advisory committee Dr Petros Karayiannis raised the alarm on Friday over the large numbers of new coronavirus cases being detected among employees of private sector establishments such as hospitals, universities, banks, and companies.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, Karayiannis said the way in which the virus is spreading in the current flare-up of the pandemic is proving extremely dangerous for the community, and points to the fact that protocols are being flouted.

Karayiannis expressed concern about the island’s three-digit daily new cases, noting that over 900 new cases have been detected over the past few days alone.

While the majority of those getting tested are symptomatic, Karayiannis pointed to ongoing dangers posed by asymptomatic carriers in the community.

“We are talking about 900 active cases of the virus, maybe even more. There are also asymptomatic persons who pose great risk and have not been identified yet, since it’s mainly the symptomatic who are getting tested,” Karayiannis said.

He stressed that the existence of asymptomatic carriers wandering about is beyond a doubt, as the current situation is a reversal of what we were experiencing over the summer, when large numbers of new cases were asymptomatic.

“At the moment, 70% of our cases have symptoms ", he noted.

Within the coming few weeks, the stricter restrictions imposed by the health ministry, including an 11pm curfew in Limassol and Paphos, and a mandatory mask use rule in all outdoor public areas, are expected to bear fruit.

Karayiannis noted that a significant drop in new cases is expected within the next 10 days, and if this isn’t the case, then the tighter measures imposed in Limassol and Paphos will be applied to other districts as well.

Where cases were detected this over past five days

The health ministry on Friday released a list detailing the places where coronavirus cases were detected since Sunday.

In the list are five hospitals. In Limassol, these were the German Oncology Centre, Mediterranean, and Ygia Polyclinic, while in Nicosia cases were detected at Areteio and American Medical Centre. A case was also detected at Heraklis Pentelidakis’ surgery in Larnaca.

Cases were also detected at universities, such as Cyprus College in Limassol, European University, and Neapolis University in Paphos.

The list also included four bank branches: two Hellenic Bank branches, Nicosia’s Agious Omologites branch and Limassol’s Polemidia branch, RCB Bank in Nicosia, and the National Bank of Greece branch in Paphos.

Cases were also detected at three hotels: Anassa and Cypria Maris in Paphos, and Ermitage in Limassol.

In Limassol, cases were also detected at Eksipno Baloni kindergarten, Astral Pool, Marios Iacovou gym, Sigma Bakey in Zakaki, Caylink Café, and Remezzo Café, while a case was also found at Klima shop in Aradippou.

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