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Experts tell government not to relax this Easter

Republic of Cyprus daily cases approaching four digits ahead of Greek Orthodox Easter


Cyprus registered a record number of COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, reaching 941 and the numbers are only expected to increase, according to a local health expert.

Professor Petros Karayiannis, member of the government’s pandemic advisory committee, acknowledged that the Republic of Cyprus recorded the highest number of cases so far, noting that this was expected as there was a steady increase in daily cases over the last days.

Karayiannis told the Cyprus News Agency that the latest developments were of “great concern if we consider that a single case reports around ten close contacts,” adding that even if two contacts are positive we are talking about very high numbers.

Asked if he believes the situation will deteriorate, Karayiannis said “we are likely going to reach a thousand cases.”

The advisory committee was expected during a teleconference on Tuesday to discuss whether the COVID-19 measures would last until the end of the month, if they would be stepped up, the situation at schools, and whether there would be special arrangements for Greek Orthodox Easter.

Churches, vaccination issues, and the pressure on the state health system were also topics of discussion.

Experts suggest that worshippers be encouraged to stay in the courtyard on Holy Saturday

Regarding church services during Holy Week, Karayiannis said there will be a suggestion to encourage worshippers to stay in the courtyard and outdoor areas.

The committee is expected to advise the government to extend current COVID-19 measures until the May 15, with reports saying the administration said it may have to pull back on plans to relax measures ahead of Easter due to an unexpected rise in daily cases.

Fellow committee member Maria Koliou told state radio on Wednesday that she was worried over the latest numbers, saying the team has advised the government to keep any Easter relaxations to a minimum, and only for Holy Saturday late night.

Republic of Cyprus daily cases approaching four digits ahead of Greek Orthodox Easter, experts want any relaxations to absolute minimum

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