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Explosions rock Nicosia nightlife, authorities on high alert

String of early morning blasts hit popular café and nightclub, prompting police investigation


Law enforcement authorities in Nicosia are on high alert following a series of explosions targeting a well-known nightclub and café. The first incident took place around 4:00 AM on Thursday (30/11) when an explosive device, allegedly placed on a pavement near the café, detonated. Police quickly responded to the scene, cordoning off the area as they initiated an investigation into the explosion, which damaged a glass door at the adjacent nightclub.

In a concerning turn of events, a second explosion unfolded in the early hours of the same morning outside a café in Lakatamia. Police swiftly arrived at the scene, securing the area for further investigation.

Both incidents are under scrutiny by the Nicosia Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Authorities are working diligently to uncover the motives behind these explosions and ensure the safety of the community amidst the unsettling incidents rocking the city's nightlife.

[Information sourced from 24News]

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