23° Nicosia,
20 July, 2019
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Fair skies back on the scene

Slight temperature jump by mid-week, Wednesday clouds with no chance of rain


Mostly clear weather is expected in the next few days, with the week starting in the upper 20’s and could go higher by mid week.

On Monday, the sea will be relatively calm throughout the day with winds ranging from weak to moderate.

Maximum high temperatures are expected to reach 28° Celsius inland and along the coast while it will be around 18 in the mountains.

Minimum lows will register about 13 degrees inland, 15 all around the coast, and 12 degrees up on the mountains.

Tuesday through Thursday, weather will remain clear despite scattered clouds appearing throughout parts of Wednesday.

Temperatures are expected to rise slightly Tuesday and Wednesday while no rain is expected as any mid-week cloud formations will be at higher altitudes.

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