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Farm worker critical after trailer home fire

Romanian man trapped in trailer home escapes fire after neighbour springs into action in rural Nicosia


A farm worker in rural Nicosia, who suffered burns in a trailer home fire in rural Nicosia, was rescued by his employer who saw the flames on security cameras and sprang into action.

A 38-year-old Romanian male had been sleeping in his rental trailer home when a fire broke out around 8:50pm, with police saying the man was trapped inside.

Police said the man was rescued by a neighbour just in time and was rushed to the Emergency Room in critical condition where doctors put him on a ventilator

Police said dispatchers received a call on Wednesday night, at 8:55pm, regarding a fire in a shed in rural Nicosia. The structure, described as a trailer home, was permanently parked in an empty field along a rural road between Kalopanayiotis and Flasou communities.

Fire fighters who rushed at the scene managed to contain the blaze about an hour later, while reports said the man, described as a farm worker, had suffered burns all over his body caused by flame radiation and extreme heat.

Police said the man, who was rescued by a neighbour just in time, was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital, where doctors put him on a medical ventilator. His condition remained critical, according to an official statement.

Additional reports said the farm worker’s employer had noticed the flames on security camera monitors and sprang into action, rushing to the trailer home and helping him get outside.

Police in Pedoulas are investigating the incident.

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