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Father goes to prison for molesting daughter

Man sentenced to seven years for sexually molesting his early teen daughter


A father in Nicosia was sentenced to seven years behind bars after he was found guilty for sexually molesting his own daughter.

According to local media, a man described as a 40-year-old foreign national was found guilty in multiple charges in connection with the sexual molestation of his 13-year-old daughter.

Reports said the man was found guilty of touching his daughter inappropriately, such as fondling her and touching her genitalia.

A Nicosia panel of judges were said to have taken into account the man’s clean criminal background, his confession, his show of remorse, as well as serious health issues.

The man was transferred from the courthouse straight to Nicosia Central Prisons, where he will serve his time in a specially designated section where all fellow inmates are sex offenders.

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